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LiDAR viewer 3D - Open Source Web tool for LiDAR

3D LiDAR Points Client is an open source Web tool developed by Dielmo, to manage and display point clouds on the Internet. It is part of the DielmoOpenLiDAR project.

It allows the visualization of a LiDAR data point cloud in 3D on the Internet. Any user, expert or non expert in LiDAR data, will be able to display a data point cloud in 3D online, to choose a visualization mode (Height, Intensity, Classification, RGB) and to change the size of the points, all without having expert software for managing LiDAR data.

3d lidar points client

Compatible with Dielmo Server Technology and 2D/3D Web portals

Online access to huge amounts of point clouds and free online tools (3D LiDAR points client, LiDAR profiles client, etc.) are possible thanks to Dielmo Server Technology.  Click here for more info about this and other related technologies to share geospatial data online.

We'd welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about our Open Source software developments for LiDAR, or demonstrate live some things that interest you. Feel free to contact us here.
Images Gallery (Click over the image to enlarge)

  • RGB Visualization

  • Height + Intensity Colour

  • Height Greyscale

  • Intensity Greyscale

  • Classified LiDAR Visualization


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